Okay for those who have used both which would you rather use WeVideo or Screencastify?




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thanks Jessica


I was getting ready to send this out from Vita-Learn

Each of the  Partners that Vita-Learn has a digital consortium agreement has offers on the table to help throughout the school year and that includes WEVIDEO

Anybody who has current WEVIDEO EDU can add more seats for free, and anyone who does not currently have it yet, can get it for 90 days / rest of school year 


I have information about each of our partners who are in a consortium agreement with us that I updated last night on this page 




If you click the first link on that page you will get all the details for our current partners (WeVideo, Book Creator, VoiceThread, Newsela)  -

(but to save you a click,  here is the Table of Contents for that document -  I plan to send something to the School IT list serv about this today, but I wanted to respond quickly here regarding WeVideo as a screen casting option )


Vita-Learn Digital Consortium Partners offers to support Vermont Schools with learning continuity plans during current school closures. 



Free for all Vermont Schools for rest of year via Vita-learn Constorium

Book Creator

Free Collaboration Upgrade for 90 days and Free PD


Free WeVideo EDU accounts for rest of school year for new accounts or for those who have WeVideo with Vita-Learn and need more accounts.


Newsela’s entire product suite available to all teachers, free of charge, through the end of the school year, and COVID educational content






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Another option to think about- if your school already has paid for WeVideo, you can screen cast with that. 


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The free version is good. The paid option extends the maximum duration of your recordings, and gives you more editing tools, but the free version is sufficient. Offers up to 5 minutes, on-screen notation tools, etc. I honestly would not pay for it right now, given that you can always break a presentation into several videos. Just my two-cents though.



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Just wondering people's thoughts on Screencastify or maybe another tool that teachers can use that have the same features.  Teachers are looking at wanting to purchase licenses but at $29 a pop for a year it seems like it could get a little expensive.


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