Hi Folks!

As we are bracing for impact because of the Coronavirus, I've drafted a jump start guide for educators who are being thrown into distance learning.  This is not meant to replace processional development/training/courses and resources needed to go to a distance learning environment, that should still happen, but instead this is something for those in a pinch who have no idea where to begin, the barebones. Feel free to share. There are links to wakelet collections and I'd love if you could send me tools that I might be overlooking. I'm basically compliling these from Twitter and emails. There are also quite a few edtech companies who are making their tools available for free to educators affected by coronavirus. 

I believe that if anything good comes from this pandemic it's that it is catapulting K-12 education into the 21 first century. Teachers who are already teaching in a personalized, student-centered, and proficiency-based environment only need to take a small step to convert to fully online, but it's time to play catch up for everyone else. The technology has been there for awhile and studies show that a blended learning environment is more effective than a traditional face-to-face or fully online. And if you have the blended Learning structure set up, it's a small step to go to fully online in emergencies like this.  Personally, I believe this is going to bring positive change to education and will be seen as a pivotal moment. 

Thanks for listening!


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