I sent this to our Dir of Sped ( they already had it and had been working on it ) and their response was that this was not a complete deal breaker (which is how I read that passage ) and that 'remote services' were being evaluated as a potential option.

"If an LEA continues to provide educational opportunities to the general student population during a school closure, the school must ensure that students with disabilities also have equal access to the same opportunities, including the provision of FAPE.

Will be interesting to see what comes out of the regional meetings of the Sped and Superintendent's today. 

Peter D.

A week ago I called DMAT and asked about the state supporting the idea of 'digital covid days' they said no similar thing had been done in the past. Who at the state is having those discussions about the potential for remote learning counting as school days?

Thank you,

Raymond Ballou
White River Valley Supervisory Union 
Director of Technology
461 Waterman Road
Royalton, VT 05068


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