Several problems with his bullet points.
1.  PCR is used for testing all the time in HIV and some other diseases2. When he says, "There are an increasing number of positive coronavirus tests in people with no connection with other coronavirus cases," this is exactly what you expect in a virus spread by air and what Jonathan saidbestsam

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David Crowe is a Canadian progressive person, not a right-winger.
Wanted to know your thoughts here, I don't know the answers ....


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Please read my article:

But the short version is this. Coronavirus is being tested for using thePCR technology, looking for specific strands of RNA. A few points:    
   - (major point) Nobody has ever purified a virus and shown that itcontains this specific RNA. It is just assumed that this RNA is viral. 
   - PCR is a manufacturing technique, it is not intended for testing. 
   - PCR is ultra sensitive. One molecule of RNA or DNA in the lab canproduce a false positive (e.g. cross contamination). 
   - One recent paper showed the majority of patients going from Infectedto Uninfected and back to Infected within a few days. 
   - There are an increasing number of positive coronavirus tests inpeople with no connection with other coronavirus cases. 
   - PCR used for testing is not binary (positive/negative). It is acyclic test, and the result is the number of cycles required to detectRNA or DNA. The number of cycles used as the cutoff is arbitrary and isnot the same in all labs. For example, one lab used 36 cycles as thecutoff for positive, with 37-39 being "indeterminate", and 40or over being negative. Another used 37 cycles, with no indeterminate. 
   - If PCR was run for many more cycles it is likely that everyone wouldbe positive. 

- David