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As UVMClick-Grants went live the week when many in UVM's research administration community transitioned to remote work, SPA's in-person education sessions dedicated to proposal submission, award acceptance and award modifications, were cut short.

We are working to create frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other materials that will be able to assist campus in using the new software.  Below are some FAQs that we assembled this week.  We will post them in the applicable section of UVMClick-Grants site shortly.

We will continue to assemble FAQs and share with you as we use the new system.  Please reach out to your assigned SPA staff with questions.  If you have a question, it is likely others have it too.

Proposal Submission FAQs

Q: What do I do if I have a proposal due and have not yet had the UVMClick training?
A: We have a recorded training<> on the UVMClick website and a manual<> to assist you.  Once you complete this training, if you still have questions, please reach out to your assigned SPA RA for assistance.

Q: What other approvals are needed for proposal submission?
A: All proposals that are processed in workflow (formerly described as routing process) that will have a deviation of F&A will have a separate approval process described as an ancillary review.  The instructions for this ancillary review are within UVMClick Smartform.

Q: Before submitting a proposal into workflow (formerly the routing process) using UVMClick are there any necessary steps to complete?
A: Please run the "click Hide/Show Errors" to validate that all required questions in this proposal are completed.  If you have questions relating to specific errors please contact your assigned SPA RA to resolve before moving into workflow.

Award Acceptance FAQs

Q: After a new award has been received at SPA how do I know it's being processed?

A: After your award document is received at SPA it's entered into UVMClick for processing.

If your proposal was routed for approval and submitted to the sponsor through in InfoEd:
SPA will create a Funding Proposal (FP) record with all of your proposal documents from InfoEd uploaded into the FP record.  Limited information will be populated in the FP record in these circumstances.  SPA will then create your new Award record in UVMClick.

If your proposal was routed for approval and submitted to the sponsor through UVMClick:
SPA will immediately create your Award record in UVMClick upon receipt of your award document.  In both cases, the PI and designated SPA administrator will receive a system generated communication for new awards indicating the award letter has been received and the award will be assigned to a SPA Administrator for award acceptance.  After SPA assigns the Award record, a SPA Administrator will be in touch to provide next steps.

Q: Why does the Department Administrator have to complete the Award Data Collection form?

A: The Award Data Collection form is SPAs way of collecting all of the pertinent information needed to set up the award.  Previously much of this information was captured via email, rather than in one place.   This form allows the department to designate who the designated department administrator is for award acceptance, provide cost share chartstrings with associated budgets, and make any required budget adjustments necessary, to name a few.  Click here to view Award Data Collection Form (xls)<> located in the SPA forms library.

Award Modification Requests FAQs

Q: How do I create an award mod request?
A: Because many were unable to attend the training session due to the current events, SPA created instructions for requesting award mods, which are attached to this email and will be posted on UVMClick site as part of Award Mod User Guides content shortly.

Q: Once the award mod request (AMR) is submitted in UVMClick, how do I know it is being processed?

A:  When the AMR is submitted, it automatically gets assigned to the appropriate SPA specialist based on the mod type you choose in the request.  The assigned specialist will review your AMR and choose one of the following actions:

1.       Approve for processing - SPA will create the award mod in UVMClick for further processing.

2.       Request Clarifications - The request will be returned to you for edits and re-submission to the assigned SPA specialist.

3.       Decline - the request has been denied and a mod will not be created.

You will receive an email notification from UVMClick alerting you of the action that was chosen.  If further action is needed by you, the AMR will be routed back to your Click inbox for editing and re-submission as appropriate.

Q: How do I check the status of my award mod in UVMClick?

A:  Once logged into Click, navigate to Grants/Awards and search for the award number that pertains to the modification you are looking for.  Once you locate it, click on it to open up the award and scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see a tab labeled Modifications.  This will list all modifications (AMR and MODs) either completed or in process for this award along with the current state of the modification (i.e. Draft, Final Review, Approved, etc.).

If you want additional information, click on the award modification to open it up.  You can also scroll down to the history tab to see all actions that have been taken since the mod was created.  If the modification has not been approved, you will also be able to view the award modification screens by clicking on "View Award Modification" at the top of the screen on the left hand side.

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