The following United States Universities Debating Championships (USUDC)
announcement is made on behalf of the USUDC 2020 Organizational Committee


Good afternoon,

This message is for all individuals who have registered, or are considering
registering, for USUDC Chicago.

Earlier today, we made an announcement detailing that the University of
Chicago has suspended all activities taking place on campus until April 15,
2020. USUDC is set to take place April 17-20, 2020. We reached out to Derek
Bundy, the Associate Director of Event Management at the University of
Chicago, and were told that *as of now*, we are still able to host USUDC
2020 on campus. However, Mr. Bundy recommended that we take things day by
day, as the situation remains fluid. Furthermore, in the event that the
tournament is restricted from being held on campus, we *may* have the
freedom and opportunity to host the tournament off-site if we manage to
secure a space. We will explore this option in the meantime.

We understand that many schools have been given travel restrictions by your
institutions, and for that we are very sad to not have you this year. If
you have not already, we would appreciate it if you could remove your entry
from our Forensicstournament page by the deadline (March 19th, 2020) so we
have an understanding of who is *able* to attend. We also understand that
institutions *could* pull support for domestic travel after that time. In
that case, please let us know as soon as possible.

Once again, we understand that your travel plans are outside of your
control given the pandemic that is COVID. We are sad that we cannot have
people on our campus for this event, but we hope that things improve
between now and next month.

We promise to keep you abreast of all announcements related to USUDC as we
hear them.


USUDC 2020 Organizational Committee