Microsoft Teams is not a remote administration tool, and it can't grant a remote user elevated access to manage a system. This is an important security protection.


If the user doesn't have local admin rights on their own system so that they can provide either the elevation approval or an other-the-shoulder set of alternate (admin) credentials to get to elevation, then things get tricky. We’ve been discussing possible options to enable — in a safe and secure  manner — remote control of people’s machines. I’m not sure we’ve got a working solution yet.


The easiest option would be if you know the unique local Administrator password for that machine and can provide it to the user  so they can enter it in the UAC elevation prompt.





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Hello all,


I was on a call with a faculty member today to install a program. Using a Teams meeting to control her computer, I was unable to see the popup window asking for administrator approval to install. The screen would freeze, although webcam video was fine and the user was able to hit escape and I’d regain control.


I was wondering what is the best method to provide administrator approval remotely?




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