Is it using the Volume License or the O365 license? You can find out under the menu bar item Word > About Microsoft Word. If it's O365, make sure they are signed in (will say "Belongs to:" in that same About window). If it's not signed it, do that. If it is signed in, but not using the [log in to unmask] email format, try signing out/in with that.

You can also use Managed Software Center to switch between O365 and Volume licensing. This KB article is specifically about Teams, but has instructions for switching license types and signing in to O365 correctly.

VPN should not be required for any of that, not even Managed Software Center.


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    A user has a Mac that is enrolled in UVM Managed Software Center. He 
    upgraded the OS and in the process blew away his copy of Office. It has 
    been re-installed, he connected to the VPN, started Word, logged in to 
    Word and it says "View Only".
    Does he have an incorrect version?