Hi Mickey,


I think this is the workflow we’re going to recommend to our users who are logging in to their Windows machines with their NetID/password and have to change their password soon.


  1. Log in to Windows with current NetID and password
  2. Go to and change password
  3. Wait a couple minutes and then connect to the VPN with new credentials
  4. Lock the computer with Windows Key + L (or Ctrl+Alt+Del -> Lock, or Start Menu -> Profile Icon -> Lock)
  5. Unlock computer with NetID and new password


That should be all they need to do in order to get their new password working with Windows.


- Ian


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Subject: Yearly NetID Password Changes while Remote


Good morning!


It’s about that time, now... people are getting their reminders to change their NetID passwords because it’s been about a year.


Because everyone’s remote these days and not directly connected to the domain for login, are there any instructions that I can send to my users to ensure that after their password is changed through the website that their system syncs and uses/requires the new password on subsequent logins?


In the past in these situations, a user would change their password, then when they rebooted the new password didn’t work, but the old one did. Then, of course the incorrect password was trying to send itself to all the programs and of course cause confusion.


Any information I could send along would be great!


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