Operation Clean Sweep Comes to Burlington,

April 29 - May 8

Comprehensive Sweeping Effort to Clean the Streets & Protect the Lake

Cars must be moved off-street, but enforcement will not be taken during this time

See map or visit the link below to find your street’s date


Burlington, VT – Operation Clean Sweep is coming to Burlington April 29 – May 8 2020.


Street sweeping is vital to Lake health and our health. Sweeping picks up sediment and leafy debris which contains phosphorus and prevents it from entering the Lake where it can fuel cyanobacteria blooms. This also keeps the roads safer by clearing them of debris and protects homes and infrastructure by limiting flooding from clogged storm drains. In these times, access to a clean Lake Champlain is vital for the community. Burlington has a strong tradition of reducing the city's footprint on Lake Champlain and with actions like Clean Sweep, that trend will continue. While the City has resumed normal sweeping operations, Clean Sweep is a full citywide effort to clean up.


Partnering with the Community

Due to the ongoing response to COVID-19, the City will not be ticketing or towing, but the community is still required to move cars off the road so that sweeping can be done as effectively as possible. Public Works will be sweeping between 10PM-7AM and asks that you move your cars off the street, to another zone if nearby or a City garage (currently free).


It is also important to note that residents should not sweep debris out onto the street during Clean Sweep or any other time as this can be dangerous for cyclists or pedestrians. The City also asks that you move any basketball hoops, or other property, out of the street and off of the greenbelt.


Free Parking is available in the city-owned Marketplace Garage (47 S. Winooski: entrances on Cherry St & Bank St), College St Garage (60 College St: Entrances on College St & Battery St) and Lakeview Garage (41 Cherry St). For a map of these city-owned parking locations, please visit https://parkburlington.com/downtown-parking/parking-map/.


More Information

You can visit the DPW website to see a map of when your street will be swept or view the list. You can find that here: https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/DPW/Clean-Sweep.


If you believe your street was missed and it's in need of sweeping, please visit www.seeclickfix.com/burlington_2 to make a Sweeping report. If you would prefer to call or for any other questions please call 802-863-9094 x3 between 7:00 am to 4:30 pm or email at [log in to unmask].