Normally when running a Teams meeting, I am signed on from two laptops, one of which is a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet, the other a plain laptop. That way I can screen share from one device while monitoring the chat comments on the other, and easily toggle between the tablet for writing in OneNote and using desktop applications on the plain laptop. Until today, when I did this I could see the screen share and video from both of my webcams on whichever device I was not currently sharing from, basically giving me the view that my students would see and assuring me that everything was working okay, the shared content was an appropriate size, etc. Today I tried out a test meeting to see how a Powerpoint presentation was going to look, and now when I share from one laptop, on the other one I see one of those colored profile circles (not even my profile image) in the middle of where the screen share content should be. Additionally, I can only see my webcam feed from one of the laptops. I tried recording the meeting and everything was as it should be in the recording -- I could see the shared content and the video from both webcams. But it is disconcerting when looking at the second laptop not to see what the first one is sharing. It makes me worry that it's just not working and nobody else will see it. Are others experiencing this? Is there any way to go back to the old behavior? 

I did manage to see the shared content when I joined the meeting on my phone, but I really don't want to have to three devices!

On the plus side, the Raise Hand feature is now live. And sometime last week I started seeing video from up to 9 participants instead of 4.

Helen Read

Senior Lecturer

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

University of Vermont