We've looked into this twice (because we forgot) in the past and both times determined that viewing others calendars in Outlook client on a Mac was not possible (though they weren't shared calendars) and as far as I know anyone in the library using a Mac uses the web version (for this or another reason) but I haven't surveyed them.

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Subject: Open shared calendars on Mac Outlook client?

Hey everyone,


This is likely a silly question, but Iím sure someone will have an answer.


Iím mostly a Windows guy, but late last year got myself a MacBook and itís great. I love it. What Iím finding though, is that in the Outlook client, when I try to open someone elseís calendar, I get the message that I donít have access to that personís calendar and to request it from them. On any of my PCs Ė domain joined, or not Ė I can open these calendars just fine through the Outlook client.


So, Iím sure Iím missing something, Iím just not sure what it is.


Any of you better-at-Mac folks have some tips for me?


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