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Opening someone else’s calendar in Outlook for macOS requires that you have the Folder visible permission to their calendar. I did some quick testing and set myself with Free/Busy time and Folder visible permissions for our test account and was able to open the test account’s calendar successfully.


Because this requires that each individual give you permissions, it may be easier just to use OWA for viewing these calendars, KB guide here: https://www.uvm.edu/it/kb/article/delegate-access/#outlook-for-web-2


- Zach


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We've looked into this twice (because we forgot) in the past and both times determined that viewing others calendars in Outlook client on a Mac was not possible (though they weren't shared calendars) and as far as I know anyone in the library using a Mac uses the web version (for this or another reason) but I haven't surveyed them.



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Subject: Open shared calendars on Mac Outlook client?


Hey everyone,


This is likely a silly question, but I’m sure someone will have an answer.


I’m mostly a Windows guy, but late last year got myself a MacBook and it’s great. I love it. What I’m finding though, is that in the Outlook client, when I try to open someone else’s calendar, I get the message that I don’t have access to that person’s calendar and to request it from them. On any of my PCs – domain joined, or not – I can open these calendars just fine through the Outlook client.


So, I’m sure I’m missing something, I’m just not sure what it is.


Any of you better-at-Mac folks have some tips for me?


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