Hello All,

I offered to post this for Lilly, who is organizing farmers in our area.

Thank You, Scott Greene


I hope all of you are surviving 2020 as best you can in this crazy time! I
am reaching out on behalf of an effort among a group of Vermont farmers to
make a large food donation to activists spearheading the movement for
social reform in NYC. We are seeking more farmers to climb on board with
this collaboration and donate food.

We are working closely with a restaurant in the South Bronx that has been
using their facility to prepare free meals to families in need. This
started back in April as a covid relief effort. They have become very
active in the current social movement for justice and equality throughout
NYC, and are providing 1000+ free meals per day, and free groceries to
activists and those affected by the pandemic. They are currently depending
on donations of food, funds and delivery services to keep their community

June 20th (next Saturday) we will be driving a truck load of food donations
to NYC. We've been in close communication with food-based activists in the
city and they are very excited to connect and work with Vermont farmers. We
are doing this as an act of support and solidarity, to share some of our
resources and good will as Vermonters and farmers, with our greater human
community that could really use our support right now.

I've set this up for those of you who are interested in contributing, but
are not able to donate food:

If you are interested in donating food please reach out to
[log in to unmask] We are able to accept fresh, frozen and
refrigerated foods, no amount is too small and "seconds" are welcome! This
effort is based out of Rutland County, but we are collaborating with
farmers all over the state. If you are able to donate product, please reach
out ASAP so we can coordinate the best way to get your donation on our
truck before next weekend! If the fundraiser draws enough support, we hope
to be able to offer farmers some small compensation for their products, but
cannot guarantee that at this time.

Huge thank you to those of you who are able to contribute, stay safe and
take care of each other!