Hello strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and other fruit growers,

*SWD has been caught early this year* in traps in our region. Here is 
the map of SWD catches in NY along Vermont's border:

_Key SWD Management Tactics:_

*Reduce habitat for SWD*: by mowing around the crop, controlling weeds, 
and pruning to keep the crop canopy open. SWD prefers cool, moist, shady 

*Sanitation*: keep area free of overripe fruit by harvesting frequently 
and thoroughly to reduce habitat for build up; collect cull fruit or 
fruit fallen to the ground; eliminate wild hosts as much as possible.

*Exclude SWD*: with fine netting applied prior to fruit ripening, seal 
all edges well. Suppliers include:

*Monitor SWD population with traps*: Use commercially available traps 
and lures, made by Trece or Scentry. Great Lake IPM is one supplier:

Or, make your own with apple cider vinegar and yeast. See:

*Monitor for SWD presence in ripe fruit*: use salt flotation during 
harvest. This is especially important if you are planning a low- to 
no-spray approach to managing SWD, so that you know when fruit is 
infested, see:

*Refrigerate harvested fruit*: as soon as possible, to slow down any 
existing larval development.

*Use short residual pesticides (conventional or organic)*: make 
frequent, thorough applications, use materials with short harvest 
intervals, rotate materials from among different mode-of-action groups 
(IRAC) to avoid the development of resistance in SWD populations. Here 
is the 2020 list of available materials for berry crops compiled by UConn:

*Additional information resources* are linked at:

Good luck! Vern