Wanted to forward this to all who do PYO plus sell other things like 
creeemees.  Here is the response.
Melissa, Charlotte Berry Farm

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We appreciate you reaching out and asking your question.
The answer depends upon whether creemee sales are part of your PYO operation 
or instead, part of a different farm activity.

The PYO Restart Plan pertains to PYO operations only, not to farm stands or 
other regular farming activities.  The following restriction applies to PYO 
operations: "To limit in-person contact and the risk of contamination, the 
on-site consumption of food—including crops being picked—is not allowed. In 
addition, customers are not permitted to congregate on site before, during, 
or after picking. PYO customers are prohibited from areas of the farm not 
involved in the PYO farm operation."
   -   If a farm serves creemees to PYO customers as part of the PYO 
operation, they should be purchased on the way out and consumed off site 
(per the above guidance).
   -   If a farm sells food through a farm stand or serves food and has some 
tables, then farm stand (critical services retail) and/or restaurant 
guidance applies and the farm stand is not a PYO operation.  For all 
retail—including critical food services—curbside pick-up remains the 
preferred method).

Please be back in touch if you have additional questions.


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