Farm to Plate's Small Bites newsletter is looking for your insights on how farmers' markets are going for you this year with so many changes to operations. We are hearing that Market Managers have been doing a great job navigating all the changes for you & shoppers. We are looking to share some info on overall sales / experience during this pandemic market disruption .That is where your direct input is useful.  
Answering any of these questions would be helpful; sharing your farm name in the subject will be good to. ;-)
Thank you! -Annie Harlow
  • Did you choose to discontinue selling at "open air" farmers market this year? If yes, your primary reason. 
  • Did you forgo sales at open air farmers markets and instead increase or create a CSA?
  • OR  did you refocus to on-farm/farmstand sales instead?  
  • If selling on site at a farmers market, are you seeing sales up or down from last year at this time? (rough % would be great)
  • What do you contribute the changes to? (weather, pandemic's impact / change in shopping behavior)
  • What is the general impression of social distance set-up for you as a farmer/producer? 
  • Do you have an online pre-order system for shoppers to pick up at farmers market? How has this impacted your operations? Do you see an increase or change in time allocation/operations to gain the sales ?
  • Can you share an overall sense of how you are "feeling" about changes you have made to sales at farmers markets or direct to consumer sales via PYO, Farmstand CSA?
  • If you have other things you wish to share regarding this topic that would be great
  • Small Bites: Optimism & Challenges
Annie H Harlow 
VT Farm & Food Ambassador