I am looking for pictures of producers adapting to covid safety procedures at farmers markets to share through VT Farm to Plate. Please include any examples of what it is like for you and/or your customers- (please first ask customers if you  can share a pic of them shopping!). Pictures of social distance shopping, modified displays, "cash-out" procedures, anything really that  highlights/supports alterations that have had to be made during this time of change. 

These pictures will be added to Small Bites the e-news for farmers, retailers, distributors distributed through VT Farm to Plate. I am looking for images that represent steps taken to ensure safety & how farmers have changed up displays. 
  • Please indicate your farm/business name in the subject line
  • name of the farmers market
  • anything insights you want to share
  • and if you include shoppers, please remember to ask them if you may share their picture
You can sign up for the news here: 
THANKS so much!  
Small Bites: Adapting to Summer
Annie H Harlow