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The statutory citation is 24 V.S.A. 4448. Appointment and powers of administrative officer

(a) An administrative officer, who may hold any other office in the municipality other than membership in the board of adjustment or development review board, shall be nominated by the planning commission and appointed by the legislative body for a term of three years promptly after the adoption of the first bylaws or when a vacancy exists. The compensation of the administrative officer shall be fixed under sections 932 and 933 of this title, and the officer shall be subject to the personnel rules of the municipality adopted under sections 1121 and 1122 of this title. The administrative officer shall administer the bylaws literally and shall not have the power to permit any land development that is not in conformance with those bylaws. An administrative officer may be removed for cause at any time by the legislative body after consultation with the planning commission.

(b) The planning commission may nominate and the legislative body may appoint an acting administrative officer who shall have the same duties and responsibilities as the administrative officer in the administrative officer's absence. If an acting administrative officer position is established, or, for municipalities that establish the position of assistant administrative officer, there shall be clear policies regarding the authority of the administrative officer in relation to the acting or assistant officer.


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What is the relative state statute related to filling the zoning administrator vacancy upon resignation?

Is a Town required to advertise in a newspaper?

Does the Planning Commission recommend and the Selectboard appoint?



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