One of the things I like about Dr. Mercola's website are the comments -- thousands upon thousands of them. There is a collective knowledge "bank" that emerges. And many of those posting (whether I agree with the posts or not -- and mostly I find them very interesting) are coming to anti-capitalist and definitely anti-fascist positions, which is quite remarkable.

A month ago, Dr. Mercola posted Jonathan Latham's overview of the possibilities that covid-19 was created in a lab. I posted there, and there have been many responses that have taken off in interesting directions, including references to research we'd do well to look at (that I never heard about, such as the one at the end here about the genetic sequencing of the virus and what is wrong with the way it is portrayed in the media).

Here is a sampling that I appreciate, amidst the 89 comments to Jonathan Latham's essay on Mercola's site.

Mitchel Cohen
Excellent piece, and extremely frightening. Dr. Mercola is once again performing a huge service by helping to propagate Jonathan Latham's brilliant work. My question, though, is Why leave out the possibiity that the virus was being "worked on" at Fort Detrick Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, and transferred to China when AMRIID was shut down last summer due possibly because of accidental releases, and U.S. researchers resumed work in Wuhan, with whom the U.S. has a strong monetary interest. It's very important to see the possible U.S. role here ....

Michael Cohen - the "US role" is bound up with Fauci's funding of his ongoing experimental work that was moved from Fort Derrick to Wuhan - Gates is also involved in this funding - the continuity of Fauci's initiatives is the "smoking gun" you wish to expose  - that this is the guy who is still calling the shots is astounding - Fauci should be tried not asked for counselling

Is the U.S. not 'always' involved in these matters? Have they not created and sustained just about every war that ever was? Have they not conducted numerous chemical and biological experiments on their own citizens? The people in power are pure evil and they couldn't care less about humanity! Playing God and playing with fire! I've noticed lately that the Canadian press is aggressively pushing the narrative that this virus came from the "wet market"; even so far as to be specific; in that it "originated from a wood block" in the market. While everyone is looking the other way; I've read of a number of cities (Canadian as well), implementing mandatory mask laws. This insanity has been going on for half a year now and it looks as if the zombie masses are accepting (hook, line and sinker!) this "New Normal"; just as the globalists had hoped. What do you think it will be like in another 6 months? More acceptance = more tyranny!

BTW: "Then there’s the H1N1 swine flu pandemic of 2009". That was also the year that "they" began aggressively pushing the flu vaccine (signs began popping up everywhere); the same time that I investigated vaccines, then made the decision to never accept another vaccine! I do not see that as a coincidence...and look where we are today. P.A. systems blaring; "Come to the pharmacy and get your "free" vaccine to keep you and your loved ones safe"! There are signs, everywhere you look; "Get your "free" flu shot here". It's simply amazing that so many people fail to see the agenda here!

If one remembers how Hitler came into power, he co-opt the Fourth Estate, aka the Press. and had them spread enough propaganda to get him elected.  History repeats itself today.

When everything returns to normal, the only way that pollution does not submerge people in an unbreathable environment, that promotes diseases and degradation of the planet, is to make the most of alternative energy sources, to use more public transport , electric vehicles are promoted and shared, and more bicycle lanes are made. As long as governments depend on the monopolies of polluting industries, the degradation of the planet and the extinction of the biodiversity of plants and animals cannot be stopped.

Not only children can react particularly sensitive, but also the health of adults and particularly the elderly is determined by environmental influences. A German study (women between 68 and 79 years old) conducted by the University of Düsseldorf showed a link between the results of cognitive tests and proximity to road traffic. A recent Danish study points to a similar correspondence for Parkinson's disease. The health effects of air pollution are serious: one third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution. This has an effect equivalent to that of smoking tobacco.

Humans are estimated to have impacted 83% of the Earth's land surface, affecting many ecosystems, as well as the range in which specific species of wildlife used to exist. The number of animals living on land and seafarers has decreased by 40% since 1970. Insect populations have decreased by 75% in some parts of the world. Most worryingly, about 33% to 20% of amphibians and mammals are endangered in the coming decades. Along with the extinction of species, the devastation of genetically unique populations and the loss of their genetic variation leads to irreversible loss of biodiversity.

Pazyryk....The real key to reducing these "dangerous" gases (last time I checked CO2 was necessary for photosynthesis) is how we farm.  Regenerative farming, which advocates no till operation is the key to binding up the problem heat retaining gases that cause this supposed global warming.  Agreed that CO2 is an indication of these other problem gases but CO2 is not a "bad guy".  It has been shown by Dr. Elaine Ingham that not plowing the land results in very high levels of carbon retention(binding) in the soil.  It also allows the soil biome to regenerate allowing the aerobic rather than anaerobic bacteria, fungi, flagellates, etc. to thrive resulting in rebuilding the "Soil Food Web" as she calls it.

There are over 5 million acres using this approach to farming with impressive results.  Case in point is the adaptation to Dr.  ingham's processes by the Australian dairy industry.  If you want to save "mother gaia" the key is not in going back to walking, riding bicycles and reading by candlelight.  If you want to see the results of this approach, read Gabe Brown's book "Dirt to Soil".

This conflation of climate change with CO2 must stop and the narrative changed to stop trashing the planet regardless of whether man made gasses are to blame for the global temperature rise. The last time I checked well over 20 thousand scientists had signed a petition stating the alleged human cause was bad science. An yet the polar ice caps continue to melt. It's obvious that if the linkage between the two doesn't exist the focus of the human population problem would be reshaped as well. It would invalidate the premise from which Gates and company operate (as stated in his 2010 TED Talk) along with all their subsequent activities.

Agree with most of this, NASA got a better picture of the virus from space than we were getting from most of our media. Oddest part was about 3 weeks ago, when Tesla was banned from opening their automated production line early in CA - we need more battery powered vehicles than ever Elon Musk threatened to leave the state, then opened his factory anyway. Some state and local negotiations occurred later. Suspect from newer reports, he is already scoping out possible sites in TX.  And there's several articles on line about a new, million mile battery that Tesla developed with a Chinese firm:  

- - A few people and companies are on a far more promising futuristic trajectory than the vaccine agenda with associated, future track and tracing we see from the US govt. Can easily assume air pollution plays a substantial role in transporting this virus, because every place the air cleared up, (clear deep blue skies over Milan for a time) people came out again. Entirely possible the NIAID knew this as well, which is why we were kept "off the roads" for a substantial time. (This was the only reason that makes sense instead of simply protecting the sick.) Here's a summary article, others are starting to show up as well:   Gotta read more international to get more relevant news, than ever before.

ThePaz wrote  "Merkal......while simultaneously wholeheartedly encouraging the production, sales and usage of BMWs on the other." Did you mean to say encouraging the production, sales and usage of Mercedes in Stuttgart, Germany. I don't mean to be petty but I thought BMW was made in England. But this is a larger disease of where our governments across the world are colluding with The NWO wish list on all sorts of nefarious adventures. Every year the Bilderbergs convene to some isolated convention site usually in Europe, to inform the worker bees about the wishes of the Most High Demons that are to be carried out in the future.

I suppose this Plandemic along with Climate Change, Depopulation of the masses, culling in Africa, Asia and across the world have been at the top of their list for the last several years. Fauci is one of their worker bees. That's why he pushes for 'Gain Of Function' to help the viruses which always causes 'Loss Of Function' and 'Loss Of Life' for the people. So for them, all is going according to plan.

I second Guillermou but have to add that the elephant in the room, chemtraililng, considerably must contribute to climate change.   Scientist David Keith says here, that nanoparticles of aluminum, barium ,strontium suspended on fiberglass particles, are sprayed from jets to deflect the sun's rays, which heats the upper atmospheres, evaporating the clouds and contributing to droughts. There is only one problem with claiming that this mitigates global warming, namely, that aerosols are known to punch holes in the ozone layer, causing global warming. Ooops. Not to mention, droughts which the mad scientist himself admits to, see video above.

Have not been able to find good references about chemtrails other than the one cited below which was quickly retracted.  Have they been studied in depth? References  re toxic rain, geo-engineering etc are relevant.  NASA images appear to show marked changes in the troposphere within the first two decades of this century - whether by accident or deliberate, does not matter.  It is entirely conceivable that the “militarisation of the sky” could include a virus infection programme. Given what we already know or suspect about corporate surveillance and the power elite, nothing should be discounted from their agenda.  Int.J,Environ.Res.Public Health 2015,12,9375-9390.

Mirandola: No shortage of chemtrails here. I have some really good photos from the past few days and I show them to people, explaining that it's precisely why it rained the following night/day. Of course, all they see are "clouds". There is no way that those long trails can be mistaken for "clouds"! The "Elephant in the room" may as well get up and leave. He's become invisible! 4am here and it's 13 degrees/55 fahrenheit - in the middle of July!

Correction: 12C. The dark clouds are now beginning to roll in - quite typical!

There is not much "natural" weather these days. For those of you who aren't interested in listening to the following podcast by Dane Wiggington; you should, at least, listed from 27:20 to 31:30. It discusses Fauci's "conflicts of interest". It is concerning; and extremely important information, as it relates to our current situation!

what gets me is that Gates and Fauci promote this viral research by funding it {supposedly, for vaccine knowledge} - there is also the idea that future pandemics can better be dealt with through this DANGEROUS research - the  "chickens have come home to roost" and now Gates and Fauci see this human problem that they were instrumental in creating as an opportunity to make a killing {in every possible way} - the "insult to injury" aspect is that when realizing that their paid for experiments had actually caused some infectious agent to become a threat to certain immune compromised humans, -   they actually did their best to compromise these unfortunate vulnerable types by flooding the Nursing Homes with disease vectors - this should be a jail sentence in itself

they then proceeded to amplify the mortality figures and create a wave of fear with FALSE DEATH REPORTS - they implemented financial incentives for hospitals that helped them FICTIONALIZE cause of death in humans that had not died from Covid - Gates then used his influence peddling at the WHO {whom he owns} to institute a Lockdown that has CRASHED the World Economy and will cause millions to die - the basis of this brainwave by Gates is the "bargain basement" sales that the multiple bankruptcies will allow

this man is a villain and the stupid politicians that have kowtowed to his bribery "carrot" must be voted out of office as soon as possible - the fact that these politicians could not see the predictable collapse of their economies is enough proof that these public servants do not deserve to be in public office any longer as a result of their treasonous dereliction of duty to their civic constituents - VOTE the WHOLE bankrupt mentality and corrupt bribery mongers OUT OF OFFICE - Gates should be tried for TREASON and other fiscal irregularities relating to his use of taxpayer's money to further his Population Control murderous activities - Fauci is just a pilot fish picking scraps from Gates's teeth

What's crazy, mixed up and backward, is that people call the underground "Fake news" while trusting the real source of fake news, called the media. The media is causing a breakdown of our economy, civil liberties and is driving insane levels of fear, OCD, social separation, probably contributing to infant loneliness and neglect for lack of hugging due to fear and mask wearing, and is contributing to suicides ,more...while many people think "it is the job of the media to scare us" they have actually said that. Now see this, where is Bill Gates's money invested? See chart    And see who funds the media, aha! -.. 

this is a really good article. Undergound journalist found himself locked out of a closed door media meeting with Bill Gates Foundation, oops.   On the Gates Fdn website But you see, those who drive fear, suicide, economic collapse, isolation, house arrest, are our friends and saviors, while those who try to create a balanced picture based on highly credible sources, are the kooks and the crazies. The murderers are our saviors while those calling out the truth are labeled. The media has done a real job on our collective head. We must continue to help break through with the truth. It is time for justice at last for those who created this whole scheme. As for The General Good, how about closing the virus "research" labs? That would be a good starting point. How those pointing fingers at others, truly do project their own shadows, tell this to a contact tracer....

Yes, STAN, Gates and Fauci represent the great deception of the origin of vaccines and defend their corrupt interests of investing in vaccines for their profits, regardless of the damage they are causing to humanity. This pandemic is a project of deceit and lies that leads to a loss of freedoms, misery and the poison of the vaccine. People must be informed to criticize a reality that causes a severe economic crisis and much suffering for families, increase, depression, suicides, inequalities and hunger for the world. This is a pandemic of domination and power through the control of the media, through coercive and violent mechanisms that what they have achieved is to reproduce the germ of indiscriminate exploitation and genocidal destruction of the environment, to sustain a machinery of death. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, has spent many years declaring war on democratic principles, the rights and freedoms of people,

The increased function that Dr. Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill argues that these viral manipulations is "critical to the development of vaccines and broad-based therapies" is a big lie. The truth is that this increase in function has brought fatal consequences for vaccine development and, based on this pandemic, CDC / NIH / WHO / Gates / Rockefeller, Fauci, etc. sociopaths are orchestrating this disaster by adopting draconian interventions. like immunity certificates, microchips, forced vaccination, torpedoing our sovereign rights, and ultimately, the war on life with a vaccine that will only bring benefits to BigPhama and its government partners, while injecting more disease into people.

Corruption in US health institutions, led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Medical historians have described strong "affinities" between eugenics and public health, affinities that helped justify decades of involuntary sterilization of women and men of all races and ethnic groups throughout the United States.. “From the outset, the researchers were comfortable not only withholding treatment but also actively working to keep the men in the dark about available treatments”. “

It is . . . unethical when people championing the cause of vaccines are the same ones who are also investing in vaccine development” “. …the Tuskegee study had moved from being a singular historical event to a powerful metaphor symbolizing racism in medicine, misconduct in human research, the arrogance of physicians, and government abuse of Black people.” HISTORICAL LAPSES IN PUBLIC HEALTH ETHICS: WILL GATES-FUNDED COVID VACCINE HUMAN TRIALS BE BUSINESS AS USUAL

hi Mirandola - great article in your link - if more people would actually AVAIL themselves of this data and COMPREHEND what this means to the way the world we live in is organized - then all this talk about "controversy" that the Mainstream narrative levels against the alternative media would become transposed and the Mainstream media would become the source of the alleged "controversy" that seeks to OBFUSCATE the Truth with their constant repetition of pseudo facts and misleading information and made up fictions that newspapers and TV masquerade as THEIR version of the Truth

hi Gui - the idea that caucasoid features make one SUPERIOR is so unbelievable that Future chroniclers {that is if there is to be a Future} will have great difficulty explaining what the basis of this generalized prejudice against certain groupings on the basis of superficial differences  worked - with the melting pot now integrating these differences into a universal human grouping these anachronistic separations will seem particularly strange to Future Man

Mitchel Cohen
paral04  Just a slight historical correction: Hitler was NEVER elected, he was appointed by the moderate who HAD won the election. The fact is, Hitler was NOT elected. He was appointed Chancellor of Germany by German President Paul von Hindenburg. And this is a distinction with a very profound difference, at least insofar as it comes to understanding Democracy historically and in formulating strategy for defeating the fascists who have seized power in the U.S. today.

The politician that the German voters actually elected was NOT Hitler but "lesser evil" monarchist Hindenburg. In the initial 1932 presidential elections Hindenburg, who did not even campaign, defeated Hitler by 49-30 percent, a substantial margin. (The Communist candidate received 13 percent of that vote.) In the runoff, the 85-year-old Hindenburg increased his total vote to 53 percent while the *** received 36 percent, with 10 percent going to the Communists.

Given their electoral failure, the *** resorted to other means to come to power. Under the so-called socialists running the government of the pre-Nazi Weimar Republic, the vast majority of violence and killing was perpetrated by the Nazi's and the right. The government either refused to prosecute or investigate or else meted out the tiniest sentences or fines. The *** took advantage of the economic misery of the country and used systematic violence to create conditions inside Germany that were utterly intolerable, utilizing the economic depression and global capitalist crisis to destabilize the society, scapegoat the Jews, attack Communists, and pressure for Hitler to be appointed as the law and order expert.

Mitchel Cohen
Apparently, the website or webhost replaced some of my uses of the name of Hitler's party with asterisks. why?

the word censor has an anomaly where the singular Nazi is allowed but the plural Nazi s is not allowed

Forbiddenhealing, Krofter: I have been quoting the CDC's own website, that the estimated death figures are 0.28%. That helps different wheels to turn... I too was suspicious *immediately* when they started to call this a pandemic. I went to the CDC's site: At that time, 600 deaths USA wide. Oh but China is dying, Italy is dying, fear ye! That only ADDED to my suspicions, fake science, and THEY KNOW IT!! They know that cultures have their own medical strengths and weaknesses  based on diet and environment alike. On pubmed, it is common to read about larger cultural cross sectors. So should the French, given the French paradox, come running for their anti-cholesterol meds just because Americans are dying of heart attacks? I was mad. WHY is there no testing to confirm? That is suspicious.

WHERE are the hospital ships and backup campuses if they invoke fear of hospital overwhelm? WHAT?? Asymptomatic carriers spreading illness? Common cold too, true? Lockdown?? Antibodies=no immunity?  This is a fraud and the people are so gullible it is sickening. Who cares if there is homelessness, starvation, suicides, love-lacking infants, just keep your "social" distance (oxymoron) and shut down the economy! Keep up the fear ruse, no conscience, no remorse. The media is guilty of major crimes against the people, as are those who designed this whole architecture. They all have to be tried for crimes against humanity. Oh, and guess what, for a virus to escape a lab is a no-brainer.  Deliberate or not.

As it so happens, lots to be suspect there too.....  at fist there were pages and pages of articles about genetic engineering of bat viruses. Days later, the URL link itself is Chinese as are all the articles. Ten days later, the SAME URL, English translation button takes you to the Yunan lab. Not a single article re bat viruses. Days later, redirected to Beijing and not a single article about genetic engineering of bat viruses. HUH? What have they got to hide

Pardon my naiveté and possibly ignorance, but why are we here on Earth playing with viruses?!  To me, it's like playing with fire at a gas station...  Sooner or later there's going to be a fire...possibly an explosion...  Why do it?  Yes, I know they do it because they can...  But, let's apply some common sense.  It should be stopped!!

In our technofascist, capitalistic system, anything that makes money is given the green light.  All bow to the almighty dollar.

Mitchel Cohen
There are three main arguments for why they accept and fund gain-of-function "research" in top-security labs.

1) To study and create vaccines for viral diseases, including trying to predict future mutations

2) Because viruses are created in "Nature" (that is, unintentionally by humans), especially as climate changes and pathogens (including viruses) are released into urban environments where they'd never been seen before

3) To manufacture weapons in biowarfare strategies of the Pentagon and others

I'm involved in arguments on other lists with friends who oppose biowarfare same as me, but who think it is important to study viruses, which entails isolating and storing them safely, and, yes, "playing" with them, thinking that we can build facilities secure enough so that no pathogen ever escapes, which is itself absurd and an arrogant conceit that some otherwise conscionable humans display.

Politicians, media, STOP talking about "the general good" until all labs worldwide---each and every one of them---experimenting with infectious agents in any way, shape or form....are all shut down permanently. No replacement labs, or experiment sites of any kind, allowed. End of this phase! Any talk about "the general good" is two-faced and criminally negligent, unless and until this is done. Period. End of story.

"vaccine manufacturers are in denial" - not true - vaccine manufacturers are premeditatively maiming/ harming/ paralysing/ murdering innocent children and they see this as collateral to their profit  - this is the facts of the matter - Gates paralysed half a million young Indian girls but this did not even give him pause for thought - Gates still bullshits the public with "the science" - his "science" which is a death sentence to his victims - Gates is quite aware of this but does not care - his propaganda machine talks "safety" non stop

To invoke that misplaced phrase "For the greater good", where it does belong well placed, is to shut down every single virus experimenting lab world wide. Further, regulate that there may be no further experiments on pathogens, in a lab or elsewhere, ever again to prevent new ones from springing up post-shutdown. if the WHO and governments are one bit responsible and even one bit concerned about this pandemic, they will work to this end and no compromises.

We had a big surprise when looking at the Wuhan lab's URL. It was all in English, then one week later suddenly the URL itself, and all website contents, were only in Chinese. Pages and pages of articles about genetic engineering of bat viruses including one article titled "the bats carry all of the ingredients to make a brand new SARS virus". About four days later an English translation button appeared, this time directing the reader to the Yunan lab. Not one mention of genetic engineering of viruses, only one article about the very sad engineering of butterflies. Try a couple of days later again, and the reader is redirected instead of to Yunan, this time the SAME URL used all along, now bounces the reader over to Beijing. Huh?? What have they got to hide?

Czech molecular geneticist  Sona Pekova provides a lot of clarity on the subject.  Her bio and publications are here:   .  The presentation on SARS-CoV-2  (in Czech) is here :    Here are translated excerpts from the video:  “We  studied the ‘Source Code’ of the virus during its activity – the first 265 letters which constitute  the ‘Control Centre’.  CDC/WHO,  and the published article that blame Charles Darwin for the virus are looking at the ‘heel’ of the virus not at the ‘head’. The ‘head’ was clearly edited in the lab - nothing like that exists in nature. “

Sona goes on explaining the method how they observe the virus  in action in the biological material (samples from the patients): “The first 265 letters  code the regulation sequences of the virus which control all biological functions: This means: -          Replication – how fast it is multiplying -          Transcription – how it will transcript its genes which go from this spot on and build proteins

So this is the regulation center of the virus (it can be seen as a Command Center or Directorate). From here the commands are issued in an organized manner.  This virus has incredible number of variants and speed of reproduction – the patients have very large viral load. So it appears that the “Command Center” issues the orders to replicate the genome very fast (this compares to fast typing on the keyboard and making mistakes) . According to some measurements  the replication rate is about 270 times faster so it makes a large number of errors. That’s why there are different variants. If this is proven, it is a very unpleasant fact because it points out that this regulation part of the virus was edited by intervention of human hand … these are forbidden  manipulations (gain-of-function).