An update on the USUDA calendar:  We're reworked the form and submission process; now, when you fill out this form, your event will automatically be added to the USUDA calendar.  If you need to edit an event you've already added, please contact me and I'll be happy to do so.



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Greetings Debate Community,

As we begin to prepare for the new semester in fall, we are aware that many tournaments are now being held virtually. Since we normally would have met at USUDC in spring to add to the calendar, I think it would be best to start adding to the calendar sooner than later. Thank you to Dave from Miami for bringing this to my attention. 

We still have access to our Google calendar that is always pinned to the top of the BP in North America page on Facebook (if you are not on Facebook, no worries, I will drop that link here), and there has been a generous contribution by a Stanford debater, which includes virtual tournaments from around the globe, inclusive of many that American schools would usually attend (Oxbridge, etc.).

I would ask that if you plan on hosting a tournament, please add it to both calendars. Why the new calendar? Glad you asked! Since the virtual debating has opened in spring, I have received incredible feedback from schools who wouldn't typically have the funding to attend American tournaments, and expressed interest in learning from our debates, as well as contributing their own personal narratives from their lived experiences. The new calendar is accessed internationally, so you might have some schools attend your tournament, thus opening new cultures to your students. 

When you do add your tournament to the schedule, be sure to put "VIRTUAL" in the description. 

Our existing, U.S. Google Calendar that is Pinned to the Facebook Page:
The Google Calendar below lists all tournaments in the US and Canada planning to offer a BP division sometime in the next academic year, as well as several international tournaments frequently atte…

New Calendar with International Listings:
Competitions Recent updates,Link to Global Debating Sheet: Welcome to the North American 2020- 21 Debate Competition Planning Calendar!,<a href="

Before the 2020 USUDC, hosted by HWS, I will be sending out an invite to our yearly coaches/student-rep meeting that is usually held at USUDC. I will send the invite here and on the Facebook BP Page. 

Thanks everyone!

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