Who is  using Corel in their school. - what version? product?
Would love to know what the student pricing is for a Corel license and
whether you have a rep or company that I can reach out to

Also does anyone have a signed student data privacy agreement for it.

Reason I'm asking  is related to Makerspace tools in our schools
I've been using GRAVIT with Chromebooks for creating SVG for laser cutters
and Cricut/Silhouette cutting machines
It's the right tool for the job (if you have a Chromebook)
Corel purchased  Gravit about a year ago..
Thought they would kill it , but Gravit is still developing and adding
Also noticed that Corel has a new cloud based app Corel Draw APP that has
almost an identical interface to Gravit but you need a Corel license

Long story  - Short - I'd love to find a school that has Student Data
Privacy agreements for both of these (Corel and Gravit) for schools that
have Makerspaces
Since its the right tool for the job when it comes to Chromebooks
If this interest you - let's work together
Contact me on or off list

Lucie deLaBruere

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