The AMD A series have historically been a much lower performing chip than
their Intel counterparts. The Ryzen chips are the first in a long time that
have gotten close to being a similar performance, but a lot of them don't
include a GPU to get more performance from the chip.

Just as an aside - my work computer almost choked on a Meet yesterday and
it's a Threadripper 2950X with 16 physical cores. No way it can be
considered a lower end chip so why was I experiencing lag on voice and

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On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 8:50 AM Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Dear All
> Am I missing something or is this resolution and FPS going to look like
> footage from the moon landing?
> - limit camera capture resolution to 320x240
> - limit camera capture fps to 10
> - limit video render fps to 10
> Second, these are the CPUbenchmark scores for these CPUs
> N3060          667
> A4-9120C    937
> N3350        1135
> N4020        1705
> "Performance improvement for low performance devices (Celeron N3350/N3060,
> AMD A4-9120C and others)"
> So a three year old Intel CPU is in the same performance league as the
> currently shipping AMD processor?
> R
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