Quick question. 
Our current setup is 4 separate Apple School Managers, 4 Separate Profile Managers, each with it's own Apple ID (DEP account) and VPP Apple ID accounts. I want to get away from using profile manager, and move to Mosyle. Can Moysle support adding multiple DEPs to manage?

I know that the ideal setup would be to have 1 DEP account and 1 VPP account for our district, but right now that is not feasible. 

It is our goal to move toward a more centralized single DEP (and VPP) account for all out district devices, but as I understand it from Apple, because our app purchases are all tied to 4 different vpp accounts, we wouldn't be able to "merge" those 4 into a single vpp account without losing those apps. So for now, we would want a single MDM (Moysle), that we have all 4 DEP (School Manager) accounts tied to. I am told we can do this with Airwatch, but I would prefer to use Mosyle. Apple recommends Mosyle over Airwatch is my reasoning for that. Can Mosyle do this?

Philip Hayes
System Administrator
Harwood Unified Union School District
(802) 583-7957


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