MMUUSD also purchased through AmplifiedIT.
Very expensive....and we need the recording feature.

Jean Burke
MMUUSD Technology Support

On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 4:37 PM Robert Gervais <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
We have not upgraded yet, but have submitted a PO to Amplified IT (Google reseller).  You can choose your reseller (ie CDWG), but I went with Ampliifed IT because I want to also work with them on their product to connect Powerschool with Google Classroom (Lil SIS) and other tools. I thought it would be smart to build that relationship, as they'll be the "implementation specialist" for Enterprise.
You need to purchase educator licenses (annually $24/each) and you get student licenses on a 1:10 ratio.  Educators includes paras and teachers, but you can exclude non-educational staff such as custodial/bus drivers, etc.
There is a 2 week+ lead time I was told.
Thus far the hardest part was making contact with a Google rep who could give me this information.  Feel free to contact me offlist if you want that contact info (guessing it's applicable to all k-12 VT schools).

Hope this helps somene!

Robert Gervais
Director of Technology
Missisquoi Valley School District

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On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 3:48 PM Michael RobbGrieco <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Two questions and then I will describe where we're at with this:
1) Has anyone upgraded or tried to, to GSuite Enterprise for Education (and how did it go)?
2) Does upgrading through a Google certified resellers seem safe enough? (More on this below)

We are trying to upgrade to GSuite Enterprise for Education (GSEfE) ahead of the September 30th removal of various features (such as Meet recordings) and the impending added Meet features in GSEfE, and we have found that no one from Google responds to the form submission for upgrading. After 3 tries over the past weeks followed by unfulfilled autogenerated email responses to the form submission that said a representative would contact me in 1-4 business days, I posted in a Google Community Help forum about this issue after seeing other similar posts. A certified Google reseller (Tech GroupZ) from India contacted me by phone after seeing the forum post. The reseller told us that at this time Google is only doing upgrades to GSEfE through resellers (can anyone verify this?). They sent me their Google reseller certification and links to verify that status. I need to use "transfer tokens" generated in Google Admin to give the reseller access to implement the upgrade with each of our school domains (we are all separate in Windham Southwest). It all seems on the up and up, but I just wanted to ask those questions I mentioned at the top: 1) Has anyone else has done this process (and how did it go)? And 2) does upgrading through Google certified resellers seems safe enough?


Mike RobbGrieco

Director of Curriculum & Technology Integration
Windham Southwest Supervisory Union
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