I'm wondering if others in the Green Pary are as 
appalled as I am at the lack of leadership on 
crucial issues coming from the Hawkins/Walker national electoral campaign?

I am truly shocked by this turn of events.

I've received mailings from the campaign -- I 
guess they are fundraising letters -- under the 
following ridiculous subject heds:

"About that bruise on my forehead…"

"*shaking our heads* Lost in the sauce…"

(what's this thing about "heads"?"

Nothing about "Stop the war on People of Color"
"Stop White Supremacists and fascism"
"No to fracking"
"No to genetically engineered food"
"Shut down biowarfare labs everywhere in the 
world experimenting with viruses, including 'our own' at Fort Detrick"
"Support women's right to choose!"
"Support the rights of gay people and transgender 
folks to live freely and without fear, like everyone else"
"Raise the minimum wage"
"Provide N95 masks for free to everyone"
"Support health care workers, end union-breaking"
"U.S. Hands off Venezuela and Cuba"
"Bring the troops home, now!"
"Support Organic Food! Stop the mass spraying of toxic pesticides!"

Nothing at all about those and/or a zillion other 
crucial issues. Just stupid garbage. No leadership.

Just a regular diet of garbage.

Is that why people are in the Green Party? Is 
that what we've been trying to build all these years?

I know that's not why I'm in it.

Jill Stein expressed the wishes and politics of 
the Green Party membership; Howie Hawkins appears 
to be allowing idiots to run his campaign.

And when they put out something interesting it's 
hidden behind the generic "Posts from Howie 
Hawkins for President | Angela Walker for Vice 
President", requiring the reader to go to that 
site if they happen to be interesting in reading 
the latest words of wisdom from our candidates, 
instead of putting it "in your face" with proper 
messaging and ORGANIZING around that issue.

I'd written to Howie Hawkins personally about 
this and have received no suitable response.

What is going on?

In my view, we should be asking people in "safe" 
states to vote for the Green Party, while in 
"swing" (purple) states the Green Party should 
publicly endorsing Biden/Harris -- with all the 
caveats. We MUST stop fascism and white 
supremacy, that HAS TO be Green Party and 
everyone else's priority, and this is a major 
opportunity for our candidates to express that 
desire and understanding at this time.

Mitchel Cohen
Brooklyn Greens / Green Party

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