Hi Jonathan,
Would you please provide more info and critique 
about this "counterrevolutionary competition"?



At 09:52 AM 9/24/2020, Jonathan Latham wrote:

>The counterrevolutionary competition has 10million more to spend:
>"The Alliance will continue to amplify 
>pro-science voices from Africa, South Asia and 
>Latin America through an expanded presence at 
>international events, such as meetings convened 
>by the Food and Agriculture Organization and United Nations.
>“International policy discussions are too 
>often dominated by anti-science groups from the 
>global North,” said AfS Global Policy Lead 
>Pablo Orozco, a 2016 AfS Fellow from Guatemala 
>who has mobilized Fellows and others to 
>participate in key international gatherings. 
>“It’s so important that scientists, 
>smallholder farmers and social justice activists 
>from developing nations have a voice in 
>decisions that profoundly affect their food security and quality of life.”"
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>I am writing a book about genetics and genetic determinism.
>It is provisionally titled: The Myth of The 
>Master Molecule: DNA and the Social Order
>The contention of the book is that the key 
>organising principle of Western thought is the 
>seemingly innocuous and seemingly simple idea 
>that our personal qualities are biologically 
>inherited. That is, our character derives from 
>our ancestors rather than being an 
>always-adapting product of our own experiences, 
>decisions, and education. The book makes the 
>case, first, that genetic determinism is a 
>scientific fallacy. Organisms are self-organised 
>systems and therefore are not genetically 
>determined. Second, the explanation for the 
>myth, which originated in Mesopotamia before 
>6,000 years ago, is its utility. Genetic 
>determinism rationalises political systems based 
>on genetic privilege. The result was the 
>dismantling of ancient cultures based on 
>inclusiveness and egalitarianiism and their 
>transformation into rigid structures of 
>authoritarian domination based on separation and 
>division: into families, classes, races, 
>nations, sexes (i.e. patriarchy), and species. 
>The final proposition of the book is that 
>propagating the myth was the chief aim of 
>Zoroastrianism and all the Abrahamic religions. 
>Since the 1850s, this role has been appropriated 
>by science. By recognizing how the founding myth 
>of Western civilization is being re-told in the 
>language of science we can start to dismantle 
>and replace it with a more humane and scientific understanding of the world.