I think it depends a great deal on what the errors are, what kind of book it is, and what your patron expects to happen.

I know when I worked for a university press, there was one book we actually pulled and reprinted because a diagram (just the picture, the text was accurate) inaccurately showed intravenous injection rather than subcutaneous injection.  If a book is scheduled for a new edition, the copyediting department kept a file of corrections to make - but note that they would do this for a new edition, not just for a new printing, because they run additional print runs off the original files.

So - if there is a potentially life-threatening error in the book, the publisher will pull it.  If it's a textbook or other book that will have a second edition, then your patron could reach out to the copyediting department and see if they have a similar list.  But if it's a small error in a book that won't have a second edition, the publisher isn't going to spend the enormous sums of money required to pull and reprint the book just to correct a typo, and I would be wary of assuming that "correcting" an ebook and the associated files is cheap and easy.

I'm guessing that's what your patron wants - to have the publisher just go in and immediately correct the ebook files, and my guess is that that is a more complicated endeavor than the patron is assuming it is.  I would say specifically, you and your patron could reach out to the copyediting department, but I would also suggest that if you do, please help your patron be kind to these vastly overworked staff members, and be open to idea that immediate correction of small errors may not be possible.

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We have a patron here who often finds mistakes in the books he borrows. I've tried contacting the publishers about these errors but they don't seem to be interested. I was wondering if there is some kind of group or other way to get them to take notice of these corrections?



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