Related to your email and reference to Marie Curie.

One name to be considered is that of Stanislaw Halas (passed away in 2017) from Marie Curie-Sklodowska University, Stable Isotope Laboratory. 

The publications of the lab (on a wide range of topics) are covering a  40 years time span and may be found on Data Bases as Research Gate or Scopus. 

Stan liked a lot Research Gate and also Facebook, you may find the link to the RG account below:

As Stan unsubscribed Isogeochem his name is not present on recent posting.



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Despite the somewhat troubled history of this thread, here is a serious answer which makes two points. One name I have in mind is Toshiko Mayeda and she certainly was not an old white man (see . Her name appears in just about all the great practical advances in stable isotope geochemistry that came from the Urey Chicago lab early days, including the great method developments of Sam Epstein and Bob Clayton. The other point her name makes is that the stupendous theoretical stable isotope chemistry of Urey was turned into the science that it became only by laboratory work: development of analytical methods and then their meticulous application to real samples.

I don稚 have any more details but I shall copy this response to Jim O誰eil, who was there for part of that time but unfortunately no longer subscribes to ISOGEOCHEM, in the hope that he will send me a few details that I will pass on.


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Hi All,

I am really tired of showing all old white dudes in my isotope geochemistry class. I知 hoping to put together a more diverse list of names and faces I can include. There are some obvious ones (Curie for example) but I could use a broader list. While I would welcome all suggestions, in particular I was hoping to make a list of indigenous isotope geochemists for Indigenous People痴 day on Monday. 

Can the collective hive mind help me out here?

I wonder if we could get a bit of funding from AGU or the Geochemical Society to help write Wikipedia pages sharing the stories of these more diverse contributions to our field.


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