Hi all,

Thanks for all the information! I should have updated it earlier. Actually, I installed Isodat software one more time. This time, I also installed the service pack, even though this mass spc is not connected to either GC or LC. Surprisingly, it worked this time, including the version handler. The problem was solved then.


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Hi Huang


The worst situation is that you might be rebuild the system. But luck you have several different types backups.

I would like to suggest you to install isodat 3.0 to another computer to check those backups work and all configurations exist .

The installation process is the same as on machine’s PC. After installation, you need to go into configuratoràinterfaces and switch all options to fake (some options can’t become fake. That’s ok).

Then you can restore your backups to the offline PC, and also directly move the copy C: thermo/isodat NT to the offline PC. All the parameters will be show on the offline PC. It will help you to rebuild your system.


Before this, you maybe need to check that do you install the correct service pack version. Incorrect version also might lead the restore process fail.


Another possibility is the backup path way different to the restore path way, also need to check that too.


Hope it helps


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Hello all,


I probably brought a small problem to a big trouble. I had to reinstall Isodat and restore all the files but Isodat couldn't find my previous configuration.


Here is the story: after I restarted the computer and Isodat, all the cups stuck on 50,000mV with error message "The System couldn`t find any scanable hardware part. Check the entires of 

X/Y-Hardware in the scanmaker section". I searched the archived ISOGEOCHEM discussions and found that I just needed to go back to an older version through the version handler to solve the problem. Before doing it, I copied and saved some important folders to a safe place, and created a current version through the version handler.  However, the accesses to all previous versions were denied through the version handler. I restarted the computer a few times, it didn't help. Some isogeochem discussions said to log in administrator account or click the version handler through C drive not through shortcut. However either way worked for me. 


Another suggestion is to reinstall isodat. I did it. Fortunately, IT staff at our campus helped me to backup Isodat software and data into a portable hard drive a few times per month. I thought everything should come back to work once I reinstalled Isodat and restored all the folders from the backup drive. But it did not. After installation and restoration, Isodat configuration in Configurator is empty. I couldn't import any previous configuration file. Gas configuration in Configurator is empty, too. I could not even create any gas configuration in the configurator. Acquisition or instrument control could not be open due to lack of gas configuration. Our IT staff already helped me to restore two previous backup versions, but the same thing happened. 


Is there anything wrong? Did I miss anything? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thank you in advance. 


Wei Huang, Ph.D.


Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

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