Did you replace the spring washers?  If they've lost their spring the valve will leak.
Good luck!

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Check that the air pressure lines are not leaking.  They frequently get pin holes in them causing them to leak and I have mistakenly replaced the gold stamps when in fact the problem was  a leaking air pressure line.


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Dear all,


Last week, line 1 of our Keil device leaked. The problem was solved by cleaning and replacing valve 13. This Monday, both lines leaked suddenly at the same time. I cleaned and replaced the gold stamp, gold gasket and the membrane of valve1. I thought the problem was solved, because everything was back to normal in the following two days. Both lines leak rates were low <500 ubar/min. CO2 yields were reasonable, and the isotope values of the standards were good, too. However, it happened again this morning. The leak tests couldn't pass for both lines suddenly at the same time. 


I realized that the VM1 couldn't be pumped down as low as before. I opened/closed valve1 a few more times, and then VM1 could be pumped down low. Now, I just ran a few test samples and they went very well. So, it looks like the problem is still on valve1. Is there anything I need to check before I open the valve1 again? I don't want to waste another set of gold stamp, gold gasket and the membrane. They are pretty expensive. Or is it possible that something went wrong with the valve block? 


I appreciate any advice you may offer! Thank you!



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