It is great to know we have all those options.
I'll keep in touch what we will need ourselves.

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Dear Herb,

You can wire up your own interface cable to the irms for your custom peripheral, configuring each of the available 8(?) channels in Isodat. Again, you get something like 2W max at 24 V, so only low power relays/solid state relays to be connected directly. I built a prep system that had more than 8 relays, so I had to resort to using 2 ports on the irms.

Thermo also sell a lovely box  that allows you to connect lots of gadgets – a “PeriCon”

The PAL autosamplers can also provide signals at a selection of times available at the 15 pin aux port (described in the PAL manual),

I don’t know about signals from the GC, but it sounds to me that the custom interface to the irms is your best option.

Let me know if you need any further notes.

All th best



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Hi All, 

I have been looking into what comes as far as optional/additional relays/triggers on the Thermo Trace GC that comes with the full GC-MS/IRMS package.

As usual, Thermo itself can't answer these questions (which is very weird considering they provide it).

I would like anyone on the list to help inform what they got and the tinkerers explain the options of a full system as such. The lab we are going to partner with has a full system, but they don't understand what they have; they use service contract.

Any pictures and/or explanations would be helpful.