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I am a senior pursuing a thesis investigating how LGBT+/queer people visually signal their identities through various forms of body modification—including tattooing, piercing, and hairstyling—and self-fashioning, e.g. selection of clothing and accessories, and how this varies from the practices of straight, cisgender people.


Please note that the survey is completely anonymous.



I have attached my study’s Consent Form, which is also embedded in the first page of the survey, if you are curious to learn more about the study. I have received approval from UVM's Institutional Review Board (IRB)/Research Protections Office to begin my investigation.


I am also recruiting students & faculty for interviews.


Here are some brief descriptions of the survey & interview format:

ØSurvey (will likely take 30 minutes to complete): This online survey will ask you about your background (e.g., age, origin, race, political affiliation, affiliation with UVM); sexual orientation (which gender you are attracted to); gender identity; whether or not you have any tattoos, piercings, and/or have dyed your hair an unnaturally-occurring color or have gotten a unique haircut; your clothing and accessories; and your reasons for dressing yourself and altering your body in these ways.

ØInterview (will likely last an hour): Interviews will serve to collect more data than is possible in a survey. I will be asking many of the questions from the survey, but this will be a chance for you to give thorough responses to the questions, answers that would be too long to write into a free-form box in the survey. 





Julian Barritt (He/Him)

Tutor | UVM Writing Center

Anthropology Major |Gender, 

Sexuality, & Women's Studies Minor

University of Vermont '21


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