To:        UVM Students

CC: UVM Faculty and Staff

From:    Gary Derr, Vice President for Operations and Public Safety

Date:     November 15, 2020

RE:       Early Departure Option and Information for Leaving Campus

It has been a remarkable semester. I am enormously grateful for your 
sustained commitment to the many requirements and expectations developed 
to support in-person classes. And I am proud of your dedication to 
keeping yourselves and the UVM community safe and healthy. Thank you.

*With that noted, now is not the time to let down our guard. In light of 
the increase in COVID-19 cases throughout the nation, including 
Chittenden County, we ask that you pay careful attention to the 
following items.*

*Early Departure Option for Undergraduates*
UVM’s last day of in-person classes prior to the break for undergraduate 
students is Tuesday, November 24 
Due to the recent rise in coronavirus positivity rates, we understand 
that families may want to reunite prior to that time. Therefore, 
undergraduate students are permitted to leave campus in the coming week 
and continue their studies remotely. Students who plan to leave early 
should notify their faculty as soon as possible. They will also need to 
complete the COVID testing exemption form 
Currently, graduate in-person and mixed modality courses can continue 
after Thanksgiving. Medical students may also continue in-person and 
mixed-modality classes after Thanksgiving.

*Stay Safe*
As you prepare to leave Burlington and to reunite with family and 
friends, please schedule an additional COVID-19 test immediately prior 
to your departure.  Contact your faculty to let them know about your 
travel plans and ask for their assistance to continue your studies. Plan 
to pack your valuables, electronics, medicines and other essentials you 
will need through February, so they are not left in the residence halls. 
If you are leaving early, please follow the instructions of the 
Residential Life Fall Moveout page 

  * Plan to get tested at least 48 hours before you expect to leave to
    allow time to get the test results.
  * Schedule your departure time so that you are sure to get your
    results before leaving the area. For example, if you plan to travel
    home on Saturday, November 21, get an additional test on Thursday,
    November 19. You should get your results Friday evening.
  * Be sure to continue practicing all the safeguards after your test
    (and through break)— masking, social distancing, frequent hand
    washing—in to minimize the risk of infection.

*Take Advantage of Additional Testing Hours *
The Testing Center will be open Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, 
November 22 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. This will allow students 
leaving on Monday, November 23 or Tuesday, November 24 to get tested 
prior to departing.

I hope that you will take advantage of this additional testing option to 
make sure that you do not risk spreading COVID-19 to family and friends. 
You may be spending time with people who have underlying health issues 
or who are older, such as grandparents, and are therefore at greater 
risk of infection.

*Make Plans *
If you do test positive, the Center for Health and Wellbeing will 
contact you to talk about travel options and about isolating either 
on-campus or off-campus in your apartment.

It is also important to research travel and quarantine requirements in 
the state that you are traveling to. State requirements vary a lot and 
you will need to plan accordingly.

A little preventive care can go a long way this season. Let’s make it a 
healthy and happy time of year for everyone!