Well, this was a shock. I haven't seen an Empid in over two months, and 
yet here was one this morning in my yard in Cornwall, braving the 
mid-November chill. This was one extremely tardy (and probably cold and 
hungry) flycatcher.

Here are the notes I submitted to eBird: My first impression was that of 
a stubby, short-tailed flycatcher that suggested Eastern Wood-Pewee, but 
the combination of bold white wing bars and obvious eye ring made it 
clearly an Empid. Constant wing-flicking and tail wagging. Gray throat, 
grayish sides. The prominence of the eye ring has me leaning towards 
Alder over Willow, but this time of year with fresh plumage, who knows? 
I also can't rule out Least, but the behavior seemed more Alderish. 
Found in the wild raspberry patch between our yard and the adjacent farm 

I'm trying to recall if I've seen Least Flycatchers do that constant 
nervous wing-flicking thing, but I can't recall, and my field guides 
don't note that for Least.

Any flycatcher gurus want to weigh in? Whatever it was, it was certainly 

Dave G.