Hi All, 

There are two related upcoming events potentially of interest to anyone using cosmogenic nuclides: (1) an EGU session and (2) an online mini-workshop.

(1) vEGU Session GM2.12: “Novel applications and technique developments of cosmogenic nuclides”

·       If you’re using cosmogenic nuclides in any form, you should consider submitting an abstract to the vEGU21 session GM2.12: “Novel applications and technique developments of cosmogenic nuclides”. Abstracts on cosmogenic nuclide applications in any field are welcome, including technical advancements, multiple nuclide applications, combinations with other geochronology techniques, and other creative uses. Full session description and abstract submission details (abstract deadline 13 Jan 2021):

(2) Online cosmo mini-workshop

·       Alongside the EGU session, we will be hosting a mini-workshop composed of several online discussion/social events. These will be in place of the postponed workshop on cosmogenic nuclides (Cosmo 2020 – Scotland), which has now moved to June 2022. Everyone is welcome to join the free online mini-workshop – we are looking forward to some good discussions on all things cosmo and just catching up. We’ll invite everyone at the EGU session or you can fill out the ‘Expression of Interest’ form ( so we can keep you updated with the schedule and online joining information as soon as events are confirmed.

We look forward to seeing you online in 2021!

Shasta Marrero

Cardiff University

Cosmo 2022-Scotland Workshop Co-Organiser

EGU 2021 Session Convener