The new vEGU abstract deadline is 20 January, 13:00 CET, so there's still
time to submit an abstract for the cosmogenic nuclide session (details
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*vEGU Session:*

GM2.12: “*Novel applications and technique developments of cosmogenic

We're welcoming any kind of cosmogenic nuclide research. This session
explores both technique developments and novel applications of cosmogenic
nuclides, inviting projects at any stage from early development to
well-established methods applied to novel situations. We invite any type of
cosmogenic nuclide technique developments, including new measurement
methods, laboratory techniques, modelling, or theoretical advancements. All
cosmogenic nuclide applications in any field are welcome, but we especially
encourage contributions using multiple nuclides, combinations with other
geochronology techniques, and other creative applications.

*Expression of Interest for April 2021 Cosmo Discussions*

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*Session Conveners & Conference Organisers:*

Steve Binnie, University of Cologne

Derek Fabel, SUERC

Delia Gheorghiu, SUERC

Andy Hein, University of Edinburgh

Martin Hurst, University of Glasgow

Susan Ivy-Ochs, ETH Zurich

Shasta Marrero, Cardiff University

Ángel Rodés, SUERC