Dear Y.B.,

There will be no organic matter left after heating to 500C!!

Try 60 C or if you feel the need, 80C.


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>We want to analyse Total Carbon (CTotal) Total Organic Carbon (TOC),
>Total Nitrogen (TN), d13Corg and d15N in sediment core collected from
>Mumbai Harbour Bay. Previous study had shown organic carbon content in
>the range 2-5 %.
>Various methods have been described in literature for removal of
>inorganic carbon. The collected core samples have been stored in freezer.
>I have planned following steps for our measurement:
>For total C, TN, d15N: Dry samples at 500C, power it and measure in
>For organic carbon and d13Corg : 0.5 g of sample (stored in freezer) and
>treat with 1M HCl and heat at 500C. Repeat the process till effervescence
>Please suggest if any modification required in the above steps.
>Whether heating samples at 500C will affect the isotope ratio?