I would send a picture, but I don't think that Isogeochem allows for picture posts. :)

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Acoustic panels or acoustic foam are available from music retailers like musiciansfriend.com or sweetwater.com.  Nice but probably not as sharp looking as Zach’s rug.

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Long term friend and customer added those cheap egg box looking mattress pads to walls etc. Worked well and cheap.

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One easy thing you can do to reduce noise is to carpet your lab or put a big rug on the floor. I have done this in my fluorination lab. Works great and looks swell.


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Hello Everyone,

I have a noise issue associated with the ventilation in one of our lab spaces (…of course the lab where people sit for hours weighing samples).  Can anyone recommend a brand of sound dampening panel that can be suspended from the ceiling around the noisy ventilation outflow.  Thank you.

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