Theoretical response. 

Numerous property owners have refinanced since mid-March, taking advantage of record low interest rates. I am not sure that the connection has been made that the many hours we "nonessential" Town Clerks spent by ourselves in the office pulling and scanning documents - hundreds - to attorneys and appraisers have enabled our residents to reduce their monthly loan payments. Of course, I have been happy to do this for my town and the people for whom I work as they elected me. I am merely pointing out that there may be a direct correlation, as yet to be substantiated, between the the ability to continue to afford expenses and having to make hard choices when paying bills, and that Town Clerks and the information that they have provided assisted the process. These documents didn't jump out of our vaults in our closed-to-everyone offices - Governor's directive - and into the hands of the professionals working on these refinances. We have been responsible public servants, responding to what needed to get done and doing a proper job of it. 

Regardless of where things go from here, we have had an avalanche of recording fees (I am predicting that mine will be double what was budgeted in January 2020 for this fiscal year) and it is good to know that property owners have reduced their monthly payments and, especially, interest payments. It remains to be seen what happens in the future - at some point, interest rates will rise and the refinancing boom will end. And, also it will depend on how long COVID goes on and when those in service industry jobs like waitstaff, and the arts, especially the performing arts, can get back into their productive work lives. In a year, the follow-up email could paint a very different picture. 

Stay well, everyone, 

Heidi Racht 
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We are having a tax sale this month for properties that have 2 plus years of delinquent taxes 2017, 2018, & 2019. 

Amazingly our delinquent taxes for the 2020 tax year are low with the exception of the repeat offenders that are in the tax sale. 

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Brandon is wondering how aggressive other towns are with delinquent accounts right now. Anyone doing tax sales this year? Setting up payment plans? Our delinquencies are rising again and we wondered what others were doing. 


Sue Gage, Brandon Clerk/Treasurer