Good Morning,

Today is the first day of the Student Research Conference, the annual 
event showcasing the breadth of research conducted by UVM undergraduate 
and graduate students across a variety of academic disciplines. All 
members of the UVM community are invited to participate by viewing and 
interacting with presentations online, broadening their networks, and 
connecting with participants across disciplines. Once again this year, 
the SRC is virtual. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the 
University can join us by clicking the Virtual Student Research 
Conference Link 

This year, the Student Research Conference runs from April 15 to April 
18. We have several simple and flexible ways to be a part of the 

  * *Attend*.  Links to the online platform are live on the SRC Website.
    <>  We
    have organized presentations around broad themes. Visit the site,
    look at student work, and leave comments or questions for them.

  * *Encourage.* One of the things that has made the SRC such an
    inspiring event in previous years is the vibrant in-person
    interaction between student researchers and attendees. The Virtual
    SRC recreates that atmosphere by promoting 100% engagement with
    every student presentation. There will be a virtual scavenger hunt
    open to the public to encourage exploration. Please show your
    support for our students by visiting their presentations and
    encouraging your peers to do the same.

We're excited to have this opportunity for the community to celebrate 
our exceptionally committed, creative, hard-working students. We hope 
you will be part of this celebration as well.

With all best wishes,


David Jenemann (he/him/his)
Dean, Honors College
Professor, Department of English
The University of Vermont
50 University Heights
Burlington, VT 05405