Hi Farmers
Last year we decided to cancel our spot at the farmers market due to Covid
precautions and an oversubscribed CSA. This year we will have our booth
again, and I am wondering what modifications we should be planning given
that Covid is still a factor. The market we are part of has done a lot of
layout changes to give vendors more space, but pre-orders are not required
or particularly encouraged.

We will certainly be wearing masks and pre-bagging most (all?) of our
items. Are there other things people have found kept you safe/gained your
customers' trust/made things easier? Payment changes? Booth design changes?
Staffing changes? Even small details like where you stand in relation to
the customer or Covid-related problems you had to solve as last year's
market season unfolded would be helpful.
Thanks, I will repost replies ASAP as I know we are all gearing up for a
busy and safe market season.
Sweetland Farm

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