Spring cleaning and getting rid of some things.

Everything on Craigslist except:
a 1948 Allis Chalmers G - converted to Electric in 2004, stopped running in 2019, been sitting in the Barn since (also has an oil leak), but it's all set up and converted to electric - several different smart folks took a look but no one can figure it out (the guy who did the conversion is out west and out of the game and we can't find any records of what he did) I've moved on and need the barn space.  Couple fotos attached (fotos too large to send), make me an offer if interested or if you want any more info

Other stuff:

Barrel Washer

broken Power Washer

JD Suitcase Weights

Wheel Spacers

Supine Weeder

Irrigation Pipe


Ass. Fencing

Disc Harrow

Single Bottom Plow

Irrigation Hose (4" red layflat)

275 gallon Fuel Tank



thank you,

Joseph O'Grady
Farm Manager
111 Simsbury Rd.
West Granby, CT 06090

(631) 374-9421