Hello all.

Recordings of all 4 grower-to-grower greenhouse management webinars are 
now posted here. 

The speakers and topics were:

Julie Rubaud of Red Wagon Plants in Hinesburg talked about watering 
strategies, with some tips on organic bedding plant production. Audio 
recording only (sorry no video).

Pooh Sprague of Edgewater Farm in Plainfield NH shared images and info 
on how they use beneficial insects to manage pests in their greenhouses 
and tunnels. Webinar recording

Jack Manix of Walker Farm in Dummerston described a variety of systems 
they use for monitoring environmental conditions in their greenhouse and 
tunnels, from low-tech to high-tech. Webinar recording

Howard Prussack of High Meadows Farm in Westminster West talked about 
his experience with organic potting mixes for production of herbs and 
other container plants, and shared tips for getting good results. 
Webinar recording

Thanks. Vern