Liberty Mutual, set up for us through NFP. Never had to make a claim in the roughly 10 years we have been doing worker's comp so no idea if they are good to work with or not when actually have to pay out. They seem to really like sending out redundant reminders and paperwork but that's just me grumbling about insurance companies, an ongoing peeve of mine. I opted to accept a $500 deductible this year, and when the new policy arrived it reduced the annual premium by $6.00 (!) So I called them and it took being transferred to two other people before they could reverse the request. So I guess this is not a recommendation.

On 4/15/2021 7:07 PM, Ethan Thompson, Queen City Acres wrote:
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Wondering where others are getting worker's comp coverage for your employees? What's your experience been, would you recommend or no?

I will compile and repost responses.

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