Thanks to the sixteen producers who have responded so far. I appreciate your
taking the time so we all can learn. Their answers follow the questions:

How are employers handling the vaccination issue? Put another way, Is a
Covid vaccination a condition of employment?

We are lucky as all our young staff have signed up and will be getting their
jabs soon. I'm hard assed and would require it as a condition for
employment, unless extreme medical conditions. Both my wife and myself have
received 2 jabs now, but Continue to require masks until all have been


Hi Will, good question! We are strongly recommending, not requiring. Some
reluctance but 2 out of 3 now vaccinated. Hopefully, as others come on board
they will be less hesitant.



Hi All 

My H2a guys where initial resistant to the vaccine but  more knowledge and
understanding they had the more excepting they where to receive the covid
vaccine  .

My guys go today for there 2nd COVID shot .



Was asking myself the same question the other day, this article was mildly


We were lucky that all our people were interested in getting it. We also
made work time available for them to register.




From what I've read, mandating an experimental medical procedure is against
the law.  There are lawsuits in progress for colleges and businesses that
are trying to do this.  

There is a precedent set with an approved vax for smallpox in the state of
MA in early 1900s that was upheld by the Supreme Court but other than that,
I don't think medical procedures can be legally required, especially ones
with only an experimental approval.



I'm interested too as my Jamaicans aren't interested in "putting that in my



Definitely not required 



I will require it! 



As much as we want all our employees to get vaccinated, I understand that we
are not allowed to require it as a condition of employment until the
vaccines get full approval. They currently have emergency approval, which
according to the FDA, is not full approval.


Apparently, the prohibition of a requirement  for vaccination under the EUA
only applies to federal requirements/officials, not private employers or



Thanks for asking this question. 

We at ***** Farm are not going to make it a condition of employment but we
will encourage it and pay folks for their time to go get one. We also get
H2A employees and they are more fearful but we hope once they are here and
see that we all got the vaccine, they will want to as well. 



I would inquire with the Department of Labor for the proper answer and yield
to that response.  I did a bit of internet searching and even the official
responses are all over. has guidance listed too.

Now regardless of who is vaccinated it is a good idea to mention Covid19 in
your health and hygiene policies along with a mask and PPE that everyone
should abide too.  




Here is our gig. So I was hemming and hawing about asking all crew members
to be vaccinated, but then one of our crew tested positive (the one person
who was very resistant and "no way am I putting that in my body"). Of course
that person loves gummy bears and microwaves every lunch in a plastic
container, but that is for another time. Anyhow, luckily they only worked
one day while being contagious before learning that their mom who they live
with was positive and 5 people at that work place.. So we all immediately
tested all negative and tested a week later all negative again. 


The stress level for my crew was not worth it and the payed time to get
tested was unfortunate. My doctor and the state health person who called
said our safety protocols of double masking no matter what, strict 6+ feet
distancing and good sanitation meant we were very unlikely to have a spread
and we did not fortunately.


This is my policy "we have a vaccinated work place so if you are a new
employee a job is available if you are vaccinated. If you are an existing
employee we request vaccination, if you are not going to vaccinate we have a
change of position to 5 hours/week clearing deer fence by yourself".


Final thought last year masking and distancing was the "best and safest we
can do" this year masking, distancing and vaccinating is the best and safest
we can do, and we are going to do it. 


This may sound harsh and rigid, but people's lives depend on everyone making
equal "sacrifice" if you look at it that way. I look at it as everyone being
compassionate for their fellow workers and humanity as a whole.




We are not requiring it.  I have informed everyone about the how to clock in
covid sicktime, as the FFCRA is now offering tax credit for covid related
time off.  I found it curious how the Employees Rights poster was overly
minimal with what is actually covered.
Federal.pdf> Here is the poster, which pays no mention to covering vaccine
time, yet in the Act it indeed qualifies, so I wrote that onto the poster so
my employees would know the expansion relating to vaccines:


Expansion of the FFCRA:

.  New Qualifying Reasons for FFCRA Paid Leave. FFCRA paid leave qualifying
wages provided by a covered employer to employees for which the tax credit
may be taken as of April 1 have been expanded to include the following
absences: (a) the employee is seeking or awaiting the results of a
diagnostic test for, or a medical diagnosis of, COVID-19 and such employee
has been exposed to COVID-19 or the employee's employer has requested such
test or diagnosis; (b) the employee is obtaining a COVID-19 vaccination; or
(c) the employee is recovering from any injury, disability, illness, or
condition related to a COVID-19 vaccination.  These expanded reasons apply
to both paid sick leave and paid family leave.


As the rest of our staff is voluntarily vaccinated, I have stated that to
make workflow easier, we greatly prefer anyone new to get vaccinated. I had
one person who said they had Covid in the wintertime so I considered letting
them join us without vaccination, though that makes me uncomfortable since I
have no proof when they had it and the jury is still out about how long the
antibodies last.