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Hope today's snow is allowing folks to get back to normal April things and offering your fields some needed moisture. 

For those also raising animals...we have some piglets & a boar for sale. Details below. 


Green Mountain Girls Farm

Piglets for Sale

Spring & Summer piglets available.

We have some great piglets available for sale -- organically managed, will be trained to electric fence, males neutered. Tamworth/Large Black crosses. We have enough litters this year with some new gilts in the mix that we don't need them all.

The piglets are a mix of primarily 2 heritage breeds.
Our Boar is half Large Black, ¼ Tamworth, ¼ Berkshire
Our sows are Tamworth/Berkshire cross, Large Black, & Large Black/Tamworth Berkshire cross.

$175 each. Our pigs are all managed organically, but we are not certified.  All piglets will be trained to electric fence & males neutered unless requested otherwise.

Range of dates available.  A few males left in earliest litter (ready first of May), June piglets mostly spoken for unless our sow has a big litter and then we will have more litters born in early Summer. 

You can learn more about our farm & practices on our website (http://EatStayFarm.com), but our pigs are rotationally grazed and we focus very keenly on their health. They are healthy piglets, vet checked & the males neutered. We fecal test sows and piglets and treat as needed. You can see photos of previous litters on Instagram and facebook and in this google photos album.

Our farm has been raising heritage breed pigs on pasture for 12 years.

If you’d like to reserve a piglet email us ([log in to unmask]) and we will give you info for placing a deposit.  

A video of first litter enjoying chard with our Tamworth/Berkshire sow.  





1 year old, proven Boar for sale

We have a 1 year old 1/2 Large Black, 1/4 Berkshire, 1/4 Tamworth boar available, ready and proven.


He is trained to electric fence, was born on our farm and rotationally grazed last season, wintered on a bedded pack.  We used him to breed our sows at the end of last year and this winter for our gilts but are ready to move him on as we are changing up our timing this year and not breeding again until the end of year so he is seeking work elsewhere.    


He is product of pure large black sow we got from Hogwash Farm and our former ½ Tamworth, ½ Berkshire Boar born on farm. 


Relatively mild mannered, knows “go to your bowl” command, fence respectful and was easy with our sows and gilts.


First litter from this boar was born 4 weeks ago, next litter due next week - Here is a video of our sow with those piglets at 2 1/2 weeks



photos of boar and 1st litter of piglets available at:




We are selling him for $250 and we are in Northfield, VT just off of 1-89, between Randolph & Montpelier. 


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Laura Olsen

Green Mountain Girls Farm

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Laura Olsen, Farm Co-owner

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