Here are the responses I got.    Any more would be welcomed.  Looking particularly for set ups for packing high volume retail quantities.     

  We are actually trying to make our system more efficient because it takes so long. 

We have two "bubblers" for the lettuce. You can find instructions on how to build them on Micheal Kilpatricks website. 
We have a commercial lettuce spinner. Made by hobart. 
We double bubble spin and then pack into freezer bags from webstaurant.  They keep for at least two weeks in those bags. 
We are trying to find a labeling system but right now we just write with a permanent marker on the bag.  I am thinking of using a price gun to get the date on the bag. 

We harvest roughly 50 pounds of greens at a time. Our harvest containers are round 15 gallon tubs that we line with a nylon mesh bag. Don't fill the bag too full, 8-10 pounds of greens max. Post harvest, we fill the tub with water for a first soak/cool down. Then transfer the whole bag to a second (and sometimes third) larger soak tank with sanidate before spinning (still in the bag) in our commercial greens spinner. We usually have to do 2 spins, about a minute each, and we open the spinner and reposition the bag between spins. The greens are then dumped into clamshell containers for storage and the mesh bags get rinsed and hung to dry. (links are to show style of each item, not necessarily where we actually bought them)

We find that without a harvester it is hard to make money with greens. But ones you get into a harvester you want a perfect weed free bed. So bed prep, stale seed bed and good seeder for stands are important. We use a sutton seeder and a Terrateck greens harvester 1200. That is the larger unit that does not run on a drill. The drill can work if you are harvesting smaller amounts.

We modifies our AZS rinse tunnel to take trays of greens in one side and the are racked on the other. Two side be side spinners with brakes dry the greens. The brake is important or you wait a while to have it stop spinning. We store greens at 32 in flip tops.

A pack table is a must we just order the same one everyone seems to use from Charlie's. The next step up is a big machine with a big investment. Our problem has been the bags. We want biodegradable but have not found some that gives good shelf life to the greens. 

Good luck. Look forward the hearing what else you find. 

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