On-Farm Slaughter Community,

If you have 5 minutes today, please consider calling or emailing
legislators on the Senate Committee on Agriculture in support of their
to improve the on-farm slaughter law within H. 420
this year's miscellaneous agriculture bill. Their proposal includes two
subjects related to on-farm slaughter:

   - to double the allowances for on-farm slaughter of livestock for
   customers from 5 to 10 cattle, from 15 to 30 pigs, from 40 to 80 sheep or
   goats, or a total combined live weight of 12,000 pounds (instead of the
   current 6,000 pounds).
   - clarifying language that "animal shares" are legal, effectively
   ensuring that CSA's can sell animal shares that includes a contract of
   sales and the delivery of meat cuts labeled "not for sale."

*To learn more, watch this recording of Rural Vermont's testimony on the
amendment: Senate Agriculture 04-28-2021-01 - YouTube

*These Senators need to hear from you if you support these improvements and
how they would impact your farm business. If you have 5 minutes today (or
tomorrow), please reach out to:*

Senator Bobby Starr (Chair) - (802) 988-2877 [log in to unmask]
Senator Chris Pearson (Vice C)- (802) 860-3933
[log in to unmask] Chittenden
Senator Anthony Pollina - (802) 272-3765 [log in to unmask] (Washington
Senator Brian Collamore - (802) 773-1365 [log in to unmask] (Rutland
Senator Corey Parent - (802) 370-0494 [log in to unmask] (Franklin

For more information, please contact [log in to unmask]


Mollie Wills
Grassroots Organizing Director
Rural Vermont
46 East State St
Montpelier, VT 05602
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