HI Folks,

Sometimes this time of year the general public likes to start coming out to the farms.  It's too bad that the coming of spring rains and warmth doesn't instantly produce fruits of the earth.  Now we have to explain that annually to our customers.  It's pretty challenging to have a ripe red tomato for the first of May.  Please check out our offerings and consider them provisions for your farm stands until the bounty of the elements are upon us:

100% Grass-Fed Cow's milk Dairy and Cheeses (prices are listed assuming a case of 6 units):

Curds-N-Cream (basically dry curd artisanal cottage cheese)--$4.75/12 oz container
Quark (plain, horseradish chive, garlic dill)--$4.50/8oz container
Queso Fresco (great melting cheese, alternative to mozzarella)--$13/lb (approx. 7-8ox wedge)
Gouda 2 year reserve--$17/lb (approx. 7-8 oz wedge)
Shades of Blue (roquefort inspired)--$15/lb (approx 6-7oz wedge)
Brie--$15/lb (approx.4-5 oz wedge)
Caerphilly (welsh style cheddar, aged 12 months)--$14/lb (approx. 7-8oz wedge)
Camembert (bloomy rind wheel)--$14/lb (Approx 8 oz round)
Clothbound Cheddar (Aged 12+ months)--$14/lb (Approx 7-8  oz wedge)
Dudley's Dance (Alpine Swiss, aged 12 months)--$15/lb (Approx 7-8 oz wedge)
Feta (Brine aged 4 months, very popular salad cheese)--$13/lb (Approx 7-8 oz block)
Gouda (aged 12+ months)--$14/lb (approx. 7-8 oz wedge)
Gouda with Basil (Aged 12+ months--$14/lb (Approx. 7-8 oz Wedge)
Cheddar (aged 12+ months)--$13/lb (approx.7-8 oz wedge)

Charcuterie (made with our own 100% Grass fed Beef and Pasture-raised heritage breed pork)--Vacuum sealed in 8oz packs--$23/lb (assuming a case of 4)

Beef Hard Salami, 
Summer Sausage

Frozen Broths and Meals (Made with our own Vegetables and Meats)--prices assume a case of 3--all produced in cooperation with a local unemployed chef and with stylish packaging

Bone Broths (32 oz)--all $9:

chicken basic
chicken tumeric-ginger
chicken chili lemongrass
chicken ramen
roasted beef bone

Frozen Meals:

Pulled pork 16 oz--$15
Chicken Pot Pie 10 oz--$7
Chicken Pot Pie 22 oz--$15
Shepard's Pie 10 oz--$7
Shepard's Pie 22 oz--$15

Pesto's (Made with our own herbs and our own cheese in addition to surplus organic herbs herbs left over at farmers markets)--prices assume a case of 6 

Basil 8oz--$7
Cilantro 8oz--$7
Purslane 8oz--$7
Garlic Scape 8oz--$7

Krauts and Kimchi's (Lacto-fermented, RAW--made with mostly with our own organic vegetables, occationally need to purchase organic produce from our neighbors)--Prices assume a case of 6, better pricing available for cases of 12

Jalapeno kraut--16oz--$6.75/jar
Daikon Kimchi--16oz--$8/jar
Garlic Dill Pickles--16oz--$6/jar
Pickled Jalapenos--16oz--$8/jar
Red Hot sauce--5oz--$5/jar
Green Hot sauce--5oz--$5/jar

Eggs (All birds pasture-raised, NonGMO Grain)--prices assume a 6 box case

Duck Eggs--6 egg box--$4
Chicken Eggs--12 egg box--$5

Meats (Pork and Chicken are all Pasture-raised and NonGMO Grain)--Prices assume a 3 unit case


Whole Broiler (4-5lb bird)--$5/lb
Stew hen (2-3 lb bird)--$12/bird
Bone-in Chicken Breast (1-2lb)--$9.99/lb
Bones (5lb packs)--$4/lb


Ground Pork (1 lb pack)--$8.50/lb
Chops (2 per pack)--$9.50/lb
Spare Ribs (2lb pack)--$7.50/lb
Country Style Ribs (1.5 lb pack)--$8/lb
Butt Roast (2-3lb roast)--$8/lb
Shoulder Roast (2-3 lb Roast)--$8/lb
Ham Steak (3-4 lb slab)--$8/lb
Maple Bacon, Nitrate Free, Uncured-- (1 lb pack)--$12/lb
Fresh Pork Belly Slab (2 lb pack)--$9/lb
Sausage Link (Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Beer Bratwurst, Breakfast Sage, Chorizo, Fresh Polish Coil, Smoked Chorizo, Smoked Kielbasa)--1lb packs--$11.50/lb
Sausage Loose (Hot Italian, Breakfast Sage, Maple)--1lb pack--$10.50/lb
Sausage Patties (Bacon Cheddar, Maple, Breakfast sage)--1 lb pack--$11.50/lb

We are located central in New England in Canterbury, NH.  We deliver to most of New England at some Point or another.  We frequent, NH, VT, MA, southern ME, Hudson Valley NY.  You can email me your orders.  Ill let you know when to expect deliveries.

Thanks so much for reading this far.  Have a great spring!


Canterbury, NH